Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Beauty Amidst The Destruction

Yesterday, my father and I went looking for a comrade of his in Hollygrove, a neighborhood in Uptown New Orleans. (He hadn't seen her since the storm, but heard that she was back in New Orleans.) Half the residents in trailers, half in damaged homes. Abandoned houses, abandoned cars. No one using the sidewalks, since they were covered in debris or standing water. People out on the street, walking, fixing cars, sitting on their porches, talking with neighbors. People making due. Still living. This is what people do.

Amidst all of this, I found this thing of beauty. A rusted shell of a car propped on its side on the side of the road.


Alan said...

where's the name papucharlie come from? i have the feeling i should know, but i can't remember.

and yeah, even disasters leave beauty. god is an artist.

Anonymous said...

That's hot... It's funny how some people can always find the beauty in any situation. I can't wait til I come down, big sis!


Kiini said...

So exactly what area of uptown is this in? I was talking to someone who used to live in New Orleans and he asked, is there any reason to go to New Orleans? And I was like, wow! people really think it's over, why even go.

So glad you are there and are reporting back for those of us who still need New Orleans to live on.