Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Okay, this week’s entry was SUPPOSED to be entitled “Battle Scars”… to highlight the “injuries” I’ve sustained thus far. But this morning, I awoke to find that my BIKE WAS STOLEN!! So, as nothing else is really on my mind but the FIERY ANGER burning inside, I shall write about this.

How could this happen? Who could’ve done it? My bike wasn’t on the street begging to be stolen. It wasn’t on display behind a fence, beckoning innocent passerbys with its shiny new handlebars. My beloved bicycle lived in a secured courtyard (with a keyed iron privacy gate) hidden in the back behind the stairs and trees underneath an opaque vinyl cover. I kept it in what I thought was a safe location. There are about 10 other bikes in the courtyard as well, but no one else’s bike was even touched. So I am convinced that whoever took mine KNEW that it was there. And it makes me doubly angry to think that someone who “knows” me - who has seen me riding that bike WITH MY CHILD on the back - would take it! Heartless!

I shouldn’t complain. Overall, things have been going pretty well for me here. Having my bike stolen is definitely not the worst thing that could’ve happened. That thought quelled some of the rage I felt this morning upon seeing a discarded bicycle cover on the ground where my bike used to be. But still… my father bought me that bike when I moved down here. He told me not to worry about the price; to get a quality bicycle that worked for my frame. Because I’m so tall, the bike shop had to special order one that fit. I’d just bought a child seat for it so that my daughter could ride with me. She was so excited to be riding with Mommy. Not only did it have sentimental value, it had become a primary source of transportation. And I PREFERRED riding it to using my mother’s car. Can’t pollute the environment by riding a bike; can’t get caught in a traffic jam on a bike; won’t ever spend $30 filling up a gas tank; PLUS, you get a good workout and you get to SEE more of the city while riding. It’s about a four mile ride from where we live now to my house in the Lower 9th Ward… and I happily rode there and back several times a week. I loved that damn bike.

I have my suspicions. Top on the list – the friendly neighborhood crackhead. Well, I don’t know for sure that he’s a crackhead, but he definitely has some sort of drug problem. My uncle hired him to do some work in the courtyard, so he knew what was back there. Living right down the street from us, he also would’ve known that we left town for the weekend. I haven’t seen him since we’ve been back. Of course none of my other neighbors know anything. My number two suspect is someone that lives in this apartment complex. There are four apartments here, all of which have access to the courtyard. One of the tenants gave me a tip today that seems to point the finger at another tenant. And that tenant told me that he saw the gate open yesterday, but none of the other tenants claim to have left the gate open at any time over the weekend. So who knows. I’m not sure that it’s worth my time playing Clue here. Again, this is not the worst thing that could’ve happened by far. But I’m still PISSED OFF about it. And I feel like I wanna start carrying a bat around just in case I see anybody riding my bike on the street.

[I’m really not a violent person.]

SO, I suppose this could still be about “Battle Scars”… this one being the scar on my heart or my ego or sense of trust or something. I’ll share the other two (physical scars) at another time. But, hopefully, they’ll be healed by then. Some wounds heal faster than others. Sorry for the drama, y’all. And sorry for this post being off subject… but I’m pissed.

I should mention that my house is now 100% gutted and has been mold remediated as of today, thanks to Jeh from Common Ground. Silver lining.


Diana said...

What the hell?! I guess you're front door and pipes weren't enough. My bike got stolen once and I ended up finding it in the bushes on some random street corner. Maybe it'll show up again. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you lady.

Sumor said...

Dude! that sucks about your bike. My bike that I rode all over the city in highschool and college was pawned (unbeknownst to me) by a realtive of mine that I let borrow it for aa couple of days so they could get home. I was sooo hurt and angry and I couldn't even get it back as he would not tell me where he pawned it. I am still a bit hurt and pissed over it. Atleast the person is not related to you but I will say a prayer for you also.

As for me, After a harrowing semester I just retrurned from Lafayette to find out that I have a form of Chicken pox (a reactiviation due to stress). I am happy that you are at home and doing what you are doing. I long to go back everyday and be able to live there with the little one. I hope that after I finish school here that I will be able to find a job and go back. Be blessed and we love ya!

Jimani (Kamani) said...

Man that is some bs, for real. I hope you find it, if not you have the rest of your life to retain things that you cherish. We all get beat down sometimes, but its those who can get up and prosper that are strong. You are strong.

paulette said...

sounds like an inside job...its not that easy to get into that back yard.maybe you should post a pic of the bike on the gate so everyone is aware it was stolen.

WOW...that person has no heart.It takes ALOT of will and strength to live in this world with these insecure and heartless moochers.

Walk with a bat!!!

Odene said...

Jenga girl I'm sooooo sorry to hear that...there's always some tares among the wheat...that's why we have to be very wise about people in general... because you JUST NEVER KNOW sometimes!! try and focus on all the positive, I guarantee it will out-do that 1 negative...Stay strong!
Kiss Azana for me.

Odene & Jere

Peris said...

First the door, and now this!

Worse than the bike itself is being made angry, sick, paranoid and distrustful of neighbors, on guard and on the lookout for it. And what do you tell the Papu?

You will know it if you see it though, sounds pretty distinctive. Be safe!

Amma said...

OH my word...

The statement about the crackhead neighbor had me laughing.

Although, the bike deal is such bad energy. I am sorry to hear since this instrument to travel is more than just that.

I hope you are smiling though.

Mtume said...

Jenga, I pretty sure it's the crackhead. You better just chalk that one up to a lesson learned and when you get a new bike, get a good lock too. Sorry, man....